What Sets Our British Sheepskin Rugs Apart?

What Sets Our British Sheepskin Rugs Apart?

When we embarked on our journey in the world of British made wool blankets and sheepskin rugs, we held a steadfast commitment to supporting British sheepskin farmers and championing the sale of genuine British sheepskins. What we've uncovered along the way has left us disheartened – a revelation that many rugs, widely available online and in high street stores, are far from authentic. While they might claim to be British sheepskins, the truth is they are often tanned and processed abroad before being sold in the UK. At Castle Wools we take immense pride in offering you British sheepskins that are British tanned. 

What sets our British sheepskin rugs apart is not only their origin but also their authenticity. Each rug is a testament to the natural beauty of sheep. You'll be pleased to know that no artificial dyes are employed in our British Sheepskin rugs, a rare find when compared to the mass-produced alternatives in the market.

Sheepskin rugs are undeniably versatile, adding visual allure and practicality to your spaces. When placed on sofas, they instantly transform the ambiance of any room. They also make exquisite additions to bed frames. When used simply as a luxurious floor rug, they introduce texture and style to your home.

Our customers are as diverse as the uses of our rugs, ranging from airline pilots who use them on cockpit seats to elderly nursing home residents who cherish them for regulating body temperature and preventing bedsores. Pet owners are also increasingly turning to our sheepskin rugs to provide their dogs with a comfortable place to rest and sleep.

Please note that each rug we offer is inherently unique in size and shape, with subtle variations in colour. Rest assured, our product descriptions provide rough measurements to assist you in your selection process.

At Castle Wools, we're not just about selling products; we're on a mission to bring you the authentic beauty of British sheepskins, and we invite you to explore the world of warmth, comfort, and elegance they offer.

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